Fight Withing – Behind the Scenes

One more movie I’m really proud and happy I worked for was Fight Within, directed by Randell J. Jackman. It was really nice working with his team and cast and I have to admit that they work hard and they give everything they have in the creation process. You don’t see to often people so passionate about what they do willing to give all they got in a project. But Randell and his team are one of a kind.

Destin – Behind the Scenes

It’s nice working on films… but when you work for one of your friends it’s even more amazing. This was a really nice team to work with and an amazing cast that I’m still really close to. The film was called Destin and is directed by my good friend Alberto Hernandez. I couldn’t wait to see this one and at the night of the premiere I was really excited to be there. Here is a photo gallery with all the … Read More

Pro Photo Makeup Behind the Scenes

Between films there are photo shoots and between photo shoots there are other films. Here is a photo makeup session for a fitness photo shoot in 2014. If you want to watch the video as well go to the Gallery Post. I’m adding here a few photos during the makeup session. Not too many as we were really tight with the time.

Horse Men – Behind the Scenes

One project I have worked for together with my friends Diana and Melissa, was a film called Horse Men. We had a few really fun days on set and it was nice working with a good team. The director of the film is Matteo Borgomanero. Here you have a few photos from behind the scenes with the artist at work.